Great developers are hard to find.
We know how to find them.

Starfighter is a recruiting firm that
detects and introduces the best programmers on the market.

I'm hiring. I want to play.

Hiring sucks.

Software developers are hard to hire. Specialists, like security people, are hard to hire. Specialist software developers work in the intersection of these two sets, and are especially hard to hire.

We are developers.

We have hired software developers at scale. We do our own evaluation of talent using programming challenges. They're playable at the candidate's own pace, on their own machine, and they're actually fun.

Talent comes to us.

Our online programming challenges are fun and stimulating enough so that tens of thousands of programmers participate. The challenges are free forever for players.

Work samples work.

Our challenges are predictive. People who excel at them are worth talking to. We maintain relationships with our participants and (opt-in) represent capable players to prospective employers.